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You might know Birmingham as home to the Peaky Blinders or for having more canals than Venice, but there’s more to this city than its history.

Now the second biggest city in the United Kingdom, Birmingham has seen enormous growth from a once modest Saxon village. The city has seen many innovations in its history – the Watt Steam Engine was developed in Birmingham, a major player in increasing productivity all over the world during the industrial revolution. But no less impressive is that same Birmingham spirit that brought us the bicycle bell, whistle and postage stamp.

Birmingham suffered significant bomb damage during World War II but major redevelopments were made during the 50s-60s, which saw the construction of the shopping centre The Bullring, which is now an iconic part of Birmingham's cultural makeup. But Birmingham is so much more than the Bullring. Opera, ballet and musical fans flock to the Hippodrome, while comedy lovers hit venues on Broad Street, and art buffs head over to get their fix at the Birmingham East Side projects.

Perhaps considered a sleeping giant of tourist destinations in the UK, Birmingham has plenty to offer for day trips, a last-minute weekend away and for time away as a family.

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